The Disgusting, Disgraceful Dowright Dumb Democrats

A post today by Tom Woods demonstrates beautifully one of the reasons why over the last four years I’ve come to see the American Democrats as being beneath contempt.

They’re such two-faced, barefaced, opportunistic, stupid liars. Amongst other things. And this is a relatively mild but still very telling demonstration of just that. The ‘unmild’ demonstration is, of course, the impeachment of Trump which is not dealt with here but which is of course merely a ‘summit’ outcrop of this underlying ‘standard’ modus operandi.

Here’s the relevant extract from Tom’s post:

You may have read the stories about Andrew Cuomo and the nursing homes — apparently far more people died than the state admitted.

(Chris Cillizza at CNN ran this almost hilariously understated headline: “Andrew Cuomo’s Covid-19 performance may have been less stellar than it seemed.”)

In the wake of that revelation, a troll account on Twitter posted this:

“If you see anybody from the Cuomo Administration in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them. And you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

If you’re sharp, you’ll remember that these are exactly the same words uttered three years ago by Rep. Maxine Waters, except about Trump rather than Cuomo.

Those words were met with yawns back then.

But when those very words are used to refer to the Cuomo administration, well, that’s just not acceptable!

Carl Heastie, speaker of the New York Assembly, responded: “This is appalling and dangerous. Encouraging violence must never be tolerated. Shame on whoever is behind this kind of garbage.”

Other New York assemblymen got snookered by it as well. Thus Kenny Burgos: “We need to stop this behavior towards elected officials and especially their staff. The seige of the Capitol empowered behavior like this and must be stopped at any moment it creeps its head out in any fashion.”

Same with Ken Zebrowski, who wrote, “This is dangerous, reprehensible and has no place in any public discussion. Oh, and spare me the ‘someone else did it too’ excuse. Someone else saying a variation of this doesn’t change the fact that this is seeking to incite violence against a public official and their staff.”

Then Jeffrey Dinowitz: “What’s wrong with you? Threatening violence against duly elected representatives of the people of New York is fascism. The hatred unleashed by Trump and his gang of thugs continues to reverberate throughout the country. Enough is enough.”

Then Jenifer Rajkumar: “This kind of incitement to violence against government leaders must stop. Especially after the recent seige at the U.S. Capitol, we must condemn these types of threats. They endanger our democracy. This is not who we are and we can do better.”

These Tweets are all still up. These geniuses still don’t realize they’ve been tricked into condemning Maxine Waters.

And here’s the link to Tom’s post:

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