collateral damage

Sunetra Gupta and co-authors have put up a web site compiling authoritative records of collateral damage known and expected from covid interventions. The forecast damage and very probably the existing damage far outweighs any damage the virus may have wrought.

And that’s talking only sickness and death. We care most about sickness and death and when challenged about our ‘over the top’ approach to ‘protecting ourselves’ we are quick to appreciate we don’t want sickness or death and are blindly willing to overlook almost any cost in order to do it. Money doesn’t matter, we say. We think. We like to think.

And we think the intervention ‘costs’ are ‘mere’ monetary costs – abstract ‘economic’ costs, perhaps a little heartbreak here and there with a failed business. Ah, too bad, we say, but better that than anyone gets sick or dies.

But the fact is the collateral damage measured in sick and dead far exceeds, far exceeds any covid cost. And that’s looking at current much disputed and certainly much exaggerated figures. No matter. No matter how exaggerated the covid figures they still don’t match the figures for collateral damage written up in various places and many compiled on the Sunetra Gupta site:

Not much of a title is it? You’d never think to look there. ‘’. Not a mention of Covid. Or SARS. Or even ‘damage’. Not exactly catchy. Or memorable.

But they are not thrill seeking sensationalists. Lurid journalists; click bait specialists.

They are serious sober scientists careful to print only that which they can believe is true and reliable and with a concern for their own reputations now and into the future.

Unlike bandwagonriders and followers of fashion and bee in the bonnet maniacs they are not printing facts about a situation they want to be true. They are printing facts they find to be regrettably true about the situation. Regrettable, awful, but true. And properly the concern of every person on the planet.

Here are some of the posts, only a small selection and mainly from the ‘health’ section of the site. There’s much more. :

BBC 50,000 extra heart deaths.

NYTimes Spain Undetected Cancer

Belfast Domestic Abuse

NY Times. Teenagers mental health.

BBC Babies Harmed and Killed

NPR Polio Campaign crippled.

Independent. Lost generation.

Unicef: Stillbirths

WSJ Death extend beyond covid victimes.

News MN. Domestic violence

Forbes: Pandemic Anxiety

NY Times. Farmer Suicides.

10,000 child deaths per month.

Economist. Long term effects on children

Belfast Live. Domestic violence tip of iceberg.

Oxfam 122 million brink of starvation

Oxfam 12,000 per day could die from hunger.

The Conversation South Africa mass hunger.

Guardian. Cancer patients miss out

UNAIDS Hundreds of thousands extra HIV deaths.

telegraph. Unicef warns 1.2million child deaths.

Irish Times. Rape and Child Abuse

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