Would You Like To Be Patronising?

Then patronise Tiffany Poon. She’ll welcome it. You can be a patron of the arts. You can do more in your little way than all the big mouthing pretentious know it all snob types are doing.

Artists are suffering all over the world because of this Covid madness with concerts etc. cancelled and performance venues closed and performances prohibited or restrictions making them unviable.

Tiffany is no exception.

And Tiffany is no slouch. She’s been playing all her life. And she’s always played well. She was a child prodigy and is an asset to us all. An undervalued, ignored, scorned asset in today’s Pharasaic world.

This is the child at work:

She’s a big girl now and she still does it and does it better. That wonderful left hand is even greater.

And she busts her guts trying to help other musicians, devoting time and energy and giving of her own slender income to help them.

On this Patreon site, where we can ‘patronise’ Tiffany by giving and perhaps ‘pledging’ to future give any paltry amounts we care, Tiffany toils endlessly – truly, fair dink – to give everyone extra value, something ‘extra’ for their money….

As though being a patron of the arts and this artist in particular were not enough.

An on Youtube she pours out a constant stream of what she calls ‘vlogs’ – video blogs – or simply videos which record many things her life. The idea being to give us all a glimpse, an understanding of what life is like for a concert pianist.

She gives that to everyone and isn’t that kind of a wonderful thing? I think so. You see nothing else like it. It’s warm and human and true.

She’s a worker. And a talent. And a human. And a prodigy. And struggling.

You can be patronising. You can throw her a few dollars and skite about how good you are if you like, she won’t mind, she’ll thank you.

On patreon here:


And you want to hear some beautifully interpreted classical piano? I think you can’t go past Tiffany.

Tell everyone. I think it is disgraceful that such assets in our world have to struggle to pay the rent, buy food. I do.

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