Keep Your Eye On the Ball… It’s Still In Play…


Here Dr Tess Lawrie writes some very pertinent words and links to a very telling video about vax effects.

All of this is a like a time bomb beneath the surface, ticking away.

They did a terrible thing for two years and more and they haven’t stopped doing it.  !!   They haven’t.  They have ‘institutionalised’ it whether you know it or not.

Our governments broadly on the one hand and specifically down to your local MP on the other do NOT consult the electorate, is a quite clear fact now.

Nor do they inform, even.

Nor do they care for our interests. They have a different playbook, operate according to different priorities.

So we must keep alive our attention, focused on these things for they’d dearly love us to go back to sleep again.   For that’s what we are to them: mere sleep walking zombies they can manipulate as they will.

Check out Tess:

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