Tom Woods Demonstrates Uselessness of Masks

Tom Woods has put together an excellent group of charts demonstrating very clearly the uselessness of mask mandates.

What he hasn’t done is demonstrate clearly – or even at all – the damage caused by these mask mandates.

You know wearing a mask interferes with your respiration and changes many things including CO2 levels and there are people for whom this is a dangerous thing – and it is not good for anyone.

And there’s an interesting ‘obvious after it’s been pointed out’ thing many scientific observers have pointed out, including, I think, the WHO and Dr John Ioannidis: wearing a mask can cause people to think they are somehow magically protected and protecting and cause them perhaps to do things they shouldn’t do.

False confidence

But there’s another aspect more to do with psychology, individual and group, national psychology. And that is the insidious growth of the belief that we are to meekly do precisely as we’re told whenever told by people offering no legitimate reasons for the demand and in fact not having legitimate authority to make those demands.

It is a kind of Pavlovian training, you see. It doesn’t matter whether masks are effective or not, it doesn’t matter if there really is a threat or not, it doesn’t matter if there are associated factors mitigating against the use of masks – all unimportant – what matters is merely the putting on of masks when told.

All that matters for this to succeed is for people to do as they’re told. It is obedience training. What you actually do is immaterial. In fact it is excellent if a great fuss is made about the particular thing – such as the effectiveness of masks or the right kind of mask and so on… for it distracts attention from the core evil which is simply obedience training.

Such debates, discussions, in fact carry an implied acceptance. Avoiding the core issue and talking about the particular thing: lockdowns, masks, travel restrictions, curfews, whatever – means that tacitly it is accepted that you can be told to do these things and should do them and will do them and in fact while having these discussions generally people are doing them!

It’s a misdirection. A sleight of hand.

Now we have people checking in at every shop and office so that the govt has your location plotted for every hour of every day.

Docile sheep, docketed, ticketed, numbered, locked into their breeding compounds when ordered, told to never touch each other and told to wear muzzles and to check in at every place they go.

That is what has been accomplished.

While the ‘leaders’ do whatever they like without ever offering any rational justification or wholehearted participation with the people – and destroy the nation’s economy driving thousands into poverty immediately, wrecking their businesses and guaranteeing poverty and hardship into the future.

That’s what has been accomplished.

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