The American Covid Situation

It’s the American situation that is held up as an example of the horrors of covid and the terrible danger we’re sheltering from at the cost of our national life, freedoms, economy, health, sanity and whatever else… isn’t it?

But it is the American situation that we’re mainly talking about when we say things are not so bad with the virus but things are terribly worse with the measures.

No one seems to understand or perhaps they don’t believe or perhaps they just don’t care.

So I’ll say it again:

The virus isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be – nothing remotely worth going to these extremes for and:

These extremes

1. Don’t work and

2. Are horrendously harmful.

So that’s it, see? I might be wrong about that but actually I’m just repeating what well qualified people have said and are saying. I wish people would check it out for themselves.

Anyway: back to America. Here’s an interesting little look at America today. It was forecast that the USA would go to hell in a handbasket after millions of people willfully defied their ‘masters’ and travelled and congregated in large groups all over the country for family reunions an halloween dinners and parties and merry making.

That was the prophecy.

Here’s what happened- see for yourself – there’s nine states represented in the first chart and all nine were peaking in cases before the holiday. Just about at the holiday or shortly before cases began to fall – in ALL nine states (i.e. regardless of any differences in ‘measures’) and the fall continued DESPITE the ‘remiss and terrible’ behaviour of the people. i.e. the behaviour of the people – throwing away all the measures – made no difference to the behaviour of the virus at all.

Understand? The other side of that is, of course, that the measures make no difference at all as has been demonstrated so often.

Australia claims differently. Which is so much bull. For a different thing is happening in Australia. It is in quarantine. There is no covid here. Whenever there is it has swiftly been isolated and allowed to burn out.

That’s not an instance of an epidemic being effected by ‘measures’ that’s an instance of an epidemic never getting started.

So what’s wrong with that? Well it’s all a matter of costs, isn’t it?

Quarantining Australia and wiping out incidences of the virus when it does get in is costing an enormous amount and I’m not just talking money.

It is costing so much that it is almost certainly costing more than the virus would cost. As each day goes by that becomes more and more certain, of course, because daily the cost mounts.

Now they say all bets are off because there’ll be a vaccine. But that too is a cost. That will be a horrendous cost. Billionaires are going to be made in bigpharma on this. With billions out of our pockets. Millionaires are going to be made on the ground providing the means to keep the bloody thing at -70° all the time. By providers of vaccination services and ‘stations’ and staff and transport et al…

That cost alone would probably be more than the cost of the virus would be.

For a vaccine that is not a cure. That does not guarantee 100% protection. That will have it’s own contra-indications (i.e. times, situations, where it must not be given) and will need re-working when the next variant of the virus pops up.

Which will probably be every year. So these billionaires and millionaires are looking forward to a gravy train to keep them going the rest of their lives.

And the politicians are looking forward to a power spree like they’ve never dreamed of for the foreseeable future, too – they’ll be able to, they are planning to, keep all kinds of measures constantly on the books, all kinds of freedoms permanently curtailed – AND they’ll be able to cream their jeans doing that only thing they prefer more than exerting power over the masses which is: spending the mass’s money.

Now that’s cost, too. Isn’t it? Would you call it a benefit? It’s not a benefit. It is a cost.

See for yourself, please:

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