The Villain Stands Revealed.

Just watching a ‘Sky News’ thing where they’re castigating Dan Andrews.

Scapegoat finding time. There’s going to be plenty of opportunity for that in the future as all is revealed. The past and the future, all to be revealed. The past madness, the future madnesses planned and the costs to be met, the suffering created.

Good. I’m glad it is all getting out.

But just one thing: it’s not all Dan Andrew’s fault, not anything like it.

This is the comment I made on that video:

I totally agree Andrews is reprehensibly at fault.
But the major villain is us.
We are supposed to be democrat voters and citizens and part of the political process. Of the people for the people by the people – remember?

We should have been on the backs of the pollies from the word go when the alarmism and obscurantism and downright falsehoods and misrepresentations begain.

But we didn’t and still don’t, come to that.

Go out in the street and ask people what’s the death rate of the virus?
Who does it kill at what rate?
What treatments are there?
What makes you particularly prone?
What does ‘death rate’ mean, anyway?
Per case? Per head of population? Per ICU case, what?
What constitutes a ‘case’?
A PCR finding? Showing symptoms? Admission to hospital? Admission to ICU?
Whats happened in the world with the various ‘measures’ ?
Is there anywhere it’s turned out to be harmless without any measures at all?

And so on….

And you will get a blank. A big nothing. Because they don’t know and they haven’t demanded to know and your t.v. media shows haven’t demanded either.
And the opposition political parties haven’t demanded either.
And the scientific establishment hasn’t demanded on our behalf either.
And on and on….
And all to be repeated with respect to the damages incurred by the measures…\

What’s all that?

It is vast condemnation of the whole thing and of everyone concerned.
In particular, in a democracy: the people.
The pollies: junk. Ah well, they are frail humans wanting to be on show as pollies is all.

The media: junk. ah well, they are frail human beings wanting to be on show…
etc… etc..

But the people? they are the people. Supposedly acting in their own interest.
But walking around in empty streets with masks on.
Gathering in web venues to complain an iterate and reiterate the same old stuff… while doing nothing, nothing, nothing…
that’s the guts of the matter.

the emperor has been shown to be without clothes.
but the emperor in a democracy is the people themselves.
we deserve nothing but rubbish.
and that’s what we’ve got.
and that’s what’s projected for us to get for the foreseeable future…

And that bloke with his ‘score card’ and his observations – he’s part of the problem, totally, useless talking head. He misses the point absolutely, too. All the points. He’s a nothing. And that’s been the trouble from the beginning. All we see/hear are the nothings. The somethings like Dr john Ioannidis and so on… nope, don’t see them…

and here’s the video – though it is not worth watching….:

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