Alone, Masked.

I just moved this post from my facebook page to here and it got a bit screwed up on the way – in the links and descriptions bit.

Just seen people driving their cars, alone, on almost empty roads – wearing masks.

Seen people walking alone down empty suburban streets – wearing masks.

I think we’ve gone insane. Or were we always insane?

I think we should print out little waybills or posters or whatever you call them and slap them on walls and lamp-posts:

One to educate the people:

. covid is not as bad as the flu – for you. But the lockdowns are very bad for you.

. covid is bad for the sick and/or elderly so concentrate of looking after them. The govt. is not doing it.

. Sunlight and exercise and Vit. D are the best thing especially for the elderly and sick.

and one to educate the pollies:

. You’ll be out of a job next election or sooner if you don’t stop this nonsense now.

Here’s the facts:the WHO lockdown video:(what part of this graph isn’t clear)

the vitaminD video

no lie too big for the press

cannot use pcr test to diagnose thai doctor.


german lawyer sues the world over covid. valuetainment patrick bet-david

herd immunity. pommy parliament speech. from tony heller

fact free covid dystopia thomas e woods jr.

Lockdown sceptic Ivor Cummins: Coronavirus deaths are ‘lower than what is being put out’

Sunetra Gupta – A new Website will systematically catalog the devastation caused by lockdown

Study shows lockdowns will force 128 million’ into starvation worldwide sky news paul murrayJulia Hartley-Brewer: “This Lockdown is Insane”

“There’s No Justification for Another Lockdown” – Ivor Cummins triggernometry…/irish-scientist-and-doctors…/

Irish Scientists and Doctors Inveigh Against Lockdowns

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