Lockdowns and Trojan Horses.

‘lockdown’ they say and it’s accepted. It’s just a word. Goes down quite easy.

That’s just a thing you do at times of emergency. Oh, O.K. We’ll accept that then.

But it is not.

That’s a lie. That’s a Trojan Horse. Inside that Trojan Horse is a troop of demons set to deprive you of your liberty and rights.

You see ‘lockdown’ is what you do in Prisons. Not in ordinary life. In Prisons primarily.

We all know that. The word comes from a procedure in Prisons.And it is not primarily done to protect the prisoners, either, it is done primarily to protect the system and the warders.

Ah… begin to see the light? The parallel is there isn’t it?

And here’s the point – here’s the Trojan bit:

there’s no prisoners in a prison without a prior lengthy procedure of discussion and argument and debate and counter debate, careful consideration.

Our system is very proud of that. A system of Criminal Law built up step by step since the most ancient days.Just the very prisons themselves are evidence of the results of a careful long procedure and discussion, debate, argument over whether they should be or shouldn’t be and how they should be if they are to be…. etc.Both together, the prisons and the prisoners in them manifest the result of a long careful procedure.

On the top of that, at the end of that, lockdowns happen.Which in a prison context means: “go back to your normal state”, essentially. It means ‘removal of privileges’.

A ‘lockdown’ means you revert to be a convicted criminal and the conditions now imposed upon you are justified and legal because of what you’ve been found to have done and the punishment that has been decided upon by the society as represented by the courts.

It is perfectly legal to say to a prisoner ‘stay in those conditions’ because he was condemned to them.

But we were never condemned as criminals to be robbed of freedom of movement, to be denied our own country etc. etc..

‘Lockdown’ has validity in a prison context, exercised on convicts.To use it in the wider social context is to impute that we are all criminals and have been found guilty and henceforth what we took as natural rights are ‘privileges’ only.

That’s the Trojan horse bit. You think you’re just being nice and helpful and staying home.But you’re not just doing that. You’re accepting your status as a criminal with abrogated civil rights.

All without due process. All without being charges. All without prosecution and defence.

You’ve had fewer rights than a common thief has. When were you ever asked for your side of the story?

This is banditry on a large scale. On an awe-inspiring scale. The reaction has been virtually nil and I think that’s why, the enormity of the crime has everyone staggered, utterly staggered.

The ordinary people of course know nothing. They think they’re being helpful and good.

But criminal lawyers and students of many aspects of human behaviour, politics, policies and civilizations generally know differently.

They simply have no right to impose.They can ask and we can do if we wish.

But until we work it out together as in a court of law with all of us represented that’s it, that’s as far as it goes. Isn’t it?

It is beginning. The shock is wearing off. There’s some guys in Germany about to mount a class action.

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