All Vaxxed is NOT ‘The Way Out’ or ‘Safety’

I’ve heard, seen a number of govt ‘leaders’ or quasi leaders ( i.e. health dept spokesmen or whatever ) saying on numerous occasions that ‘ Full Vaccination is Our Way Out’ or ‘Vaccination is Protection’ and stuff like that.

They use these mantras to push for compulsory vaccination.

But they are incredibly, totally, childishly wrong. WRONG. !

How can they say something so totally wrong?

They are saying it like ‘take a vax and there you are: proof against illness and death’

Aren’t they?

Isn’t that it? ‘When we are all vaxxed then we’re all proof against it.’ ?

But that is sheer nonsense.

They are trying to make out we are defenceless and then suddenly a vax makes us totally defended.


The truth is we are all ‘protected’ to some extent all the time of course, naturally, against all illnesses and a vax, hopefully, makes us marginally better protected is all.

That’s it. That’s all.

If they want to say the truth they should say something like: “If we’re all vaxxed then hopefully we’re all a bit better protected.”

A bit better. But you can still get sick. My god yes. And you could still die. Yes. And you’ll run the risk of vaccine side effects, etc.

But maybe ‘a bit better’.

That’s the truth of Vaxes: ‘A bit better’. That’s ALL. That’s IT.

That’s IT. There’s variations in degree of protection across the wide range of diseases and vaccines and individuals but the bottom line is they simply attempt to improve your natural protection which you always have.

Which is, of course: Your Immune System.

A vaccine doesn’t replace it. When it comes to the crunch it is your Immune System does it all. And an Immune System you already have.

The politicians etc. that talk this tripe are brain dead. They must be.

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