Take A Look And Protect Yourselves !


In this fearsome autocracy we have here people are frightened to take a look, think, ask questions, do anything at all that smacks of self protection.

And authority has no qualms whatever but hides information, refuses information,  outlaws information etc..

How many people actually know what treatment a doctor or a  hospital might give them if they had covid?

How many people actually know that it is quite reasonable to believe there’s risk involved in treatments you might get from a doctor or a hospital?

How many people know that it is estimated that the third leading cause of death in the USA is hospital error?

How many people know it is WELL documented and WELL known that thousands of deaths and illnesses have been CAUSED by inappropriate medical treatment of Covid in the USA – in and out of hospitals?

How many people are aware that almost certainly Australian practice will blindly – BLINDLY – and enforced by authority, condoned, even ‘enforced’ – follow American practice?

How many?

I’d say, effectively, none.  None.  No one at all. To all intents and purposes. As much as makes any difference at all.  None.  No one.

Now read this.  Look. Learn.  You can be made seriously sick, you can even be killed, by doctor and hospital inappropriate treatments mandated simply in the interest of Big Pharms, big profits, regardless of well known proven injurious effects.

Just look at it. Read it.  Robert F Kennedy Jr is not some nobody fly-by-night stirrer conspiracy theorist, him and his friends. They are serious people of status, experience, learning and ability who are trying to tell you a truth that will help you and yours.

Look – here’s a sample paragraph from it referring to remdesivir.  Now look this remdesivir was MANDATED by Fauci as the ONLY acceptable treatment to be given in USA hospitals !


“When the trial, which compared remdesivir against three other drugs, killed more than half (54%) of the remdesivir recipients within 28 days — the highest mortality rate among the four groups — an oversight board forced the NIAID to end the prong of the study focused on remdesivir.”

This is very likely to be given to you in Australia.  As part of ‘follow the USA’.

Note this:  They won’t even reply when you ask them !! Well not to me anyway.  Not the Dept. Health, not the Minister,  not the PM nor local hospital nor local doctors.   WILL NOT EVEN REPLY.

Now how ‘therapeutic’ is that, do you think?  What does that say to you about how much they care for your health, my health, honesty, freedom, truth?

Here, read it. It is terrible to the point where you won’t believe it.  How could OUR hospitals possibly allow such mistreatment as to kill thousands!  But this is today’s world.  Just check it out. They can. They did. They do. They are.


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