Best Yet. Got Everything In It.


Here’s a post from Steve Kirsch.  He’s excelled himself. Gathered posts from all around the place.  Covered many things.  Make fascinating viewing (it’s got videos in it, too).

It’s not only to be recommended it ought to be compulsory.  Be sure to send it to every official you can think of.  Then if they do nothing: clear malfeasance inasmuch as they were told, they knew.

This Is Public Malfeasance, Plain and Simple, Before your Eyes.


This woman has no right or logic whatever.  That’s Malfeasance, plain and simple.

Boldly, proudly on show.  Just like Andrews did/does in Australia.

They flaunt their malfeasance and dare us to do anything about it.

Flabbergasted, flatfooted and gobsmacked we’ve done nothing, nothing, nothing…

But they are Malfeasants.  And that’s a crime.

Jessica Rose, Memoriam for Luc and a note of Warning..


Jessica Rose has written well here about Luc Montagnier.

Which is fine.  And then she’s gone on to give us her thoughts about the future (well it’s already started, they’re at it, the trials are going on now ) of mRNA vaxxines.

And it is terrifying.  To my mind. In context. Given the passive corpse of a population that we currently have, it seems, we can predict they’ll get away with it and soon they’ll be pushing mRNA vaxxes into every HIV case they can find.

And then something else…  and then something else…

It is a sheer insanity.  It is modern witchcraft.  Once they believed in indulgencies and blessings – scraps of paper to guarantee you eternal bliss,  muttered incantations and hand wavings to do the same…

Now they believe in injecting substances…..

Even into those with no risk, never mind minimal or ‘normal’ human risk as required for the continued evolutionary balance and progress of the human organism within its environment…

Total, total insanity.  Endorsed with enthusiasm by those who love throwing their weight around and telling others what the  ‘must’ do.

Which daily seems to be a larger and larger proportion of the population of the world…


Wicked Deceptive Language

There is a wicked deceptive language govts in particlar use, and alarmists, panic merchants, shills for big pharma and even people who should know better.

It is this:  They refer to ‘protected’ or ‘unprotected’ as equating with ‘vaccinated’ or ‘unvaccinated’.

Even people such as UK’s Julia Harley-Brewer, a tv broadcaster supposing to find sense and reason, truth.

She gets up there and laments that people without the right vaccine will not be ‘protected’ against omicron. She should know better.  She does know better.  She should call it to mind and use speech that reflects it.

We are ALL ALWAYS ‘protected.  We are protected by our Immune Systems.

That’s how it works. With or without vaccines that’s how it works.

A vaccine tries to make your Immune System work better, at least for a while.

Your Immune strength waxes and wanes, gets better and worse.

Immediately after an injection and for a couple of weeks afterwards it is WORSE.  Weaker.

Then it supposedly gets stronger.  Then it begins to tail off.  Is the idea.

But if you’re an old sick person your ‘strengthened’ immune system is at best much, much weaker than that of a young fit person.

Doesn’t matter how much stronger you get there’s a limit imposed by your age and your sickness.  You’ll never get stronger than the young, fit, healthy no matter what you do.

Especially if you rely on vaccines and obey govt edicts to avoid all health giving measures. Especially if you do what govt tells you to do and do everything in your power to sicken yourself.

So yes, a large chunk are trying to improve their systems to where they’ll never reach anyway:  and weakening themselves for weeks in the process, making themselves even more susceptible and pushing up the stats for cases, ICU and deaths.

And another large chunk are trying to improve that which is as near to perfect already as to make no difference.

What’s complicated about that?

What’s new about it?

It is as ever was.

Simple, natural and ordinary as ABC.

You have to be suffering from Pollie’s disease:  coprocephalia, not to see it.


Steve Kirsch Brings Truth to ACIP – They will ignore it. Will You?

Don’t worry about who Steve Kirsch is.  You can check him out.  Got rich in Tech and now has a bug about the Covid thing. As we all should.

He digs up facts, reads and collects official govt data, has it analysed, etc. and presents it.

Now he’s presenting very convincing evidence of the criminal harms of vaccines.  Which,  we should note, simply goes on top of lots already found and presented by many others….

Here’s Steve’s latest:

On Checking It Seems It Wasn’t Even There…

Dr Sam Bailey even goes so far as to claim that really the Covid illness itself wasn’t even truly there!

That is other things were labelled ‘covid’.

And any PCR test – we all know – was/is used to define ‘A Case of Covid’.

But PCR does not define ‘Cases’.  NO. No. No. PCR finds “fragments” that may or may not have something to do with ‘Cases’.

And on looking back – can’t deny it now, just look – there’s been NO ‘excess deaths’ at all in many countries. None. So it’s a bit difficult to claim they have had a ‘covid epidemic’ that’s cost them thousands of lives.

And on looking back – can’t deny it now, it’s on record – thousands and thousands were mistreated in the UK and USA and literally driven to their deaths by that mistreatment.

And so on. Staggering claim isn’t it?

Well just look at it.  Give her a listen. And check every thing she says.  I dare you.

I’ll tell you what does exist though: an epidemic of coprocephalia.