On Checking It Seems It Wasn’t Even There…

Dr Sam Bailey even goes so far as to claim that really the Covid illness itself wasn’t even truly there!

That is other things were labelled ‘covid’.

And any PCR test – we all know – was/is used to define ‘A Case of Covid’.

But PCR does not define ‘Cases’.  NO. No. No. PCR finds “fragments” that may or may not have something to do with ‘Cases’.

And on looking back – can’t deny it now, just look – there’s been NO ‘excess deaths’ at all in many countries. None. So it’s a bit difficult to claim they have had a ‘covid epidemic’ that’s cost them thousands of lives.

And on looking back – can’t deny it now, it’s on record – thousands and thousands were mistreated in the UK and USA and literally driven to their deaths by that mistreatment.

And so on. Staggering claim isn’t it?

Well just look at it.  Give her a listen. And check every thing she says.  I dare you.


I’ll tell you what does exist though: an epidemic of coprocephalia.

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