What To Do About Julian Assange


Get a message to him:

We need him to continue his work.   We need  him to win.  He wins by surviving and continuing his work.

Get that message to him.

And this, do this, promulgate this article, get what it suggests done, not just to US ‘lawmakers’ (read: lawscorners) but lawmakers and politicians everywhere.


Post What Julian Assange Posted.

They didn’t like Julian Assange showing us the truth?

they want to lock him  up for life for showing it?

Then show it.  Show it and show it and show it and show it…

Find the most awful and damaging truths that were revealed and reveal them again  – and again  – and again  – especially those reveal names and nail them.

Here’s a start perhaps:

We have a string of links there…. just for starters…

Send them to Canberra.  Tell them we can’t wait to put their deeds and names on the list, too…. seeing they’re showing us whose side they’re on..


Here You Go – Here’s the Leaders of the Free World….


This is the nation that’s  telling you what to do, telling you what reality is.

Telling you to wear a mask. Telling you to take a vaccination.  Telling you covid is terrible.  Telling you they are good.  Telling you to hate Russia..

Telling you everything and robbing the world blind.

Check this out:


Keep Your Eye On the Ball… It’s Still In Play…


Here Dr Tess Lawrie writes some very pertinent words and links to a very telling video about vax effects.

All of this is a like a time bomb beneath the surface, ticking away.

They did a terrible thing for two years and more and they haven’t stopped doing it.  !!   They haven’t.  They have ‘institutionalised’ it whether you know it or not.

Our governments broadly on the one hand and specifically down to your local MP on the other do NOT consult the electorate, is a quite clear fact now.

Nor do they inform, even.

Nor do they care for our interests. They have a different playbook, operate according to different priorities.

So we must keep alive our attention, focused on these things for they’d dearly love us to go back to sleep again.   For that’s what we are to them: mere sleep walking zombies they can manipulate as they will.

Check out Tess:


Here You Are, You Bleeding Hearts, You Do Gooders….


Here’s a cause for you all.  For us all.   You want this kind of an Australia?

That does things like this?


Here’s Where A Few Billion Went, Australia..


What do you reckon a vaccine is worth, per shot?  When you’ve got economies of scale and have amortized development costs via millions of sales?

I’d reckon under $1 per shot.  Just guessing.  Knowing something of mass production methods.   $1 a shot I’d go for.

Know what the Americans paid?  More than $19 per shot.  More than $19.

They soaked Albania for a mere $12 a shot I think.

Don’t know what Australia paid.  But we always have to be the best. We probably paid $25, just to prove how big we are.

So that’s fairly horrific.  Any government doing that is guilty of major malfeasance I’d reckon.  But we accept that as par for the course in Australia, don’t we?  Anyone want to buy a Jet fighter that won’t?  A submarine that doesn’t?

But what’s more horrific is the terms of the bargain they had to strike, all the governments of the world, before they were even ALLOWED to purchase this thing.

You couldn’t just buy it.  No.  You had to sign a contract.

And the terms of the contract made it fairly clear is was a pretty shonky product.  Fairly clear? I’d say blindingly clear.

Signing such a contract puts the previous malfeasance in the shade, makes it look like honest performance.  This is malfeasance gone wild.  Due diligence? Where’s the due diligence?  None.  There utterly and totally and absolutely and simply is none.

But there’s worse, of course, as well all know… for then they spend billions urging people to take the filthy shots.  Conning people, deceiving people, frightening people and helping businesses and govt depts around the nation make the damn thing virtually mandatory.  As it is today.

If that ain’t the filthiest thing I’ve heard of in all my life, considering the context, I’ll be damned.  And I’ve heard of some shocking things.

So if it is so bad how come it has all apparently sunk without trace?  There is no discussion of it?  Though it’s filthy ramifications linger on everywhere.

Well I’d guess it’s simply because it was such a terrible, such an enormous crime is why we don’t hear of it.  Because it was so great, so horrific and so obvious all the usual parties could not possibly claim to have been unaware.

MSM, politicians, medical establishment, legal fraternity,  civil rights, etc. etc…  They all had to know.  But they did nothing. Which is, you know, condoning, is complicity.   They have no excuse.  They know that. They HAD to know.  Like if they didn’t know the point is ‘due diligence’ again, they SHOULD have known.  It was their clear duty.

So to speak up now is to condemn themselves.  And that’s why we hear nothing.  And the filth continues..  sly legislations,  continued silencing, etc…

But, I think, I hope, in millions of homes scattered around the nation – around the world – computers and their owners are collecting the data, recording the history, enshrining the truth and biding their time.

What I am saying is the silence doesn’t remove the fact nor the record of it nor the knowledge of it.

Anyway…  here’s a beaut little rundown on it all..  the arm twisting filthy marketing of a shonky product :