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Good article by Eugyppius on Substack today calling for some action at this time before it gets cemented in the global subconscious that covid really is the menace they pretend it is/was.

And that’s a very great and very real danger.  On that premise they are coming for our children. Even the tiniest. And want to mandate that they be injected with these weird substances.

‘That they be injected.’  Not ‘that you get them injected’.  No.  Just ‘that they be injected’.  i.e.  they are making laws that THEY will do the injecting when and where they please, with or without your consent.

In the USA they’ve approved a fifth booster !  Fifth ! For something that’s not even a real inordinate menace, that they’re making no attempt to treat prophylactically, no attempt to help your immune system deal with – Five Shots!    It doesn’t work so give another!  Now another! Now another!

But don’t do anything that actually helps.

It is insane and needs stopping.  Everyone is ‘over it’ and doesn’t want to think, talk, look at it.  Not good enough.  We have to think, talk, look at it until we’ve cleaned up this mess.  Not the medical thing, the virus covid.

No, the political, govt. thing,  the epidemic of insane malfeasance.

So anyway I posted my comment on Eugyppius’ article and here it and underneath it the link to Eugyppius.


Exactly. I’ve been pushing it for a long time: that we should iterate and reiterate:

1. There is/was no problem.

2. If there had been this would be NO way to fix it.

3. In fact a terrible socio/politic/economic problem has been created.

And it wouldn’t hurt a bit if someone capable were to get up the figures of dead and injured etc. all around the world to demonstrate the true scope of this ‘problem’ – i.e. putting them in context, not just the bald figures. The bald figures can sound frightening. Any bald figures can sound frightening. The bald statement you are going to die someday is frightening. Until you put it in context: it is the universal truth.

So we need the figures. Sorry. I apologise. I could have, should have, done the work myself and have at least some of them here right now. It’s a poor second asking for someone else but at least it IS a ‘second’ and not a nothing.

We need the figures and the context. And the reasoning would be good.

Two years ago Prof John Ioannidis put it all together as it was at that time. The figures. The context. The reasoning. And he showed it wasn’t a monster, there was no real emergency, the steps govt. have taken were the wrong way to go.

I think after a few more interactions at that time the Professor fell silent. Gave up I suppose. How many times can you repeat the truth before it gets pointless? When no one is listening? When it doesn’t ‘catch on’ ?

There’s been quite a line of such people over the last two years. Fell silent, from exhaustion and frustration I suspect. I ‘fell silent’ ( stopped doing my ‘activist’ pasting up of QI codes and texts and URLs on papers around town ) because I just got tired, tired, tired.

But ‘they’ never get tired. Because ‘they’ work off a line of instruction in a rule book somewhere. It says ‘this department, office, functionary, whatever, will do THIS’ and that department, whatever, just keeps doing THAT. It has the staff, the machinery, the funds, the help.

That’s ‘the machine’. We built it. It is supposed to work for us. It does. But it can work against us, too. Especially when we let it run untended, as we’ve done.

How can a democratic government declare Despotic ‘States of Emergency’ again and again and again when there’s clearly no emergency?

Because no one lifts a finger to stop them.

Who should ‘lift a finger’ ? All of us. Every one of us. It is our government. They represent us. They are there to do our will.

But we don’t want to know. Too busy doing other things to worry about them. Leave them to it.

Ostensibly it should work to some degree without our attention. For we have – though we have no real individually representative democracy – we have the two party system as a fairly pitiful halfway house, don’t we?

Which means supposedly there’s a whole ‘other’ party or ‘shadow government’ watching what the govt is doing. Looking for mistakes and improprieties, malfeasances, errors, wrong paths, lies, deceits, trickeries… etc, etc..

That, the ‘opposition’ should have sat in their comfortable ‘seats’ and watched the government and done the research and seen clearly that there was/is no ‘Emergency’ and that such a declaration was therefore invalid, voted in by sheer numerical superiority of the govt. as is everything doesn’t make it valid. It just makes it collusive invalid.

But our loyal ‘opposition’ did/does nothing at all. Right? Nothing.

So the machine is untended. Those who are supposed to tend it for us are not doing it and apparently have no interest in doing so. Petitioning for election in the future none of them vow to look into this matter. The disinterest in it is total apparently. They shun any talk of it at all.

So we need to pay attention because we’re being shafted right royally. By professionals.

And declare:

. The is/was no medical emergency.

. This way of carrying on is unhealthy, unsafe, undemocratic, dangerous and damaging.

. There is an epidemic of govt malfeasance.


Link to Eugyppius’ article  :    The Article Itself

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