So Don’t Forget To Vote Them Back In

So we’ve enjoyed it.

They’ve locked us up without crime, trial or sentence.

They’ve frozen commerce and transport and destroyed businesses, family wealth and health, hopes, dreams..

They’ve  made people unable to be with and give some love to those they love who are dying.

They’ve refused to let anyone take proven anti-virals.

They’ve refused to let doctors practice medicine according to their own training and conscience.

They made everyone follow ‘measures’ every single one of which has been prejudicial to the Immune System.

They’ve pretended a vaccine ‘protects’ and is the ‘only’ protection when only Immune Systems protect.

They’ve pretended there was a vicious terrible enemy out there when the facts, the history, the truth is that there is not.

They’ve pretended there was an emergency meaning something we can’t ordinarily handle while refusing to give ‘ordinary handling’ a chance.

On that pretext they’ve thrown our democracy away and substituted despotic rule.

They now seek to entrench that despotic rule as the norm for the future.

They have forbidden free speech and exchange of information and idea, opinions.

They have made everyone look silly wearing masks the world knows would not be effective even if there were a threat there.

But they’ve made everyone look silly wearing these ineffective masks even when there is no threat there!

They have destroyed years of education for the young.

They have trained the very young to believe the human race is to be feared and avoided, that people normally look like Darth Vader and that we cling to life only by being meekly uncritically obedient and shunning each other.

They have spend a trillion dollars of our money completely without consultation.

They have never offered the slightest help in the direction of prophylaxis or early treatment.

They have done everything they can to destroy everything that is right and proper, good, democratic, truthful, healthy.

Been fun hasn’t it?  More coming.

Don’t forget to Vote them back in for another four years of fun and jollity.

And wear your mask.  Else you’re not allowed in the voting booth.

Advance Australia…..  where?

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