What Is The Victorian Madness?

What is the madness in Victoria?  I can’t figure it out.

The answer seems obvious.  Like they know damn well the vaccines don’t stop viral transmission.  So they’re not telling the truth when they claim they want everyone vaccinated to protect them from that.

And they know damn well the vaccines don’t prevent illness and death so it’s not that.  They keep it hidden from the dumb public but of course they know as well as you and I that the vaccines only ever promised a 0.1% better protection than you already have without any vaccine.

And that was back when they thought they would work.  Long before Israel and booster shots 1,2,3,4 and still sickness and death.

So it is not that either.

So the ‘obvious answer’ would seem to be that they’re trying to get everyone vaccinated so’s there’s no ‘control group’.  There’s no one to look at and see what would have happened if there’d been no vaccine.

Nothing to compare with.  Thinking they can’t be exposed as having done exactly the wrong thing (in the crudest terms, way before referencing intervention harms and costs).

So it seems like they must be doing that.  Trying to eliminate everything that is not ‘them’ and their doing.  Deny all the rest of reality.

An ‘ass covering exercise’ as the Americans put it.

But that doesn’t wash, either.

For they must know that there’ll be examples in other States in Australia?  They must know there’ll be examples all over the world?  They must know there ARE examples all over the world right now?

Surely they must know they’ll be found out?

They must.

Don’t tell me the explanation is just one vicious last kick before they’re forced to flee the scene?

Here’s some newish and very pertinent information on their vaccines:

original antigenic sin: i.e. first ‘attack’ sets all future response.
Original Antigenic Sin and the Public Health England vaccine surveillance data.
paper on antigenic sin
english public health reports referenced in above article
alex berenson on the same theme referenced in the above

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