Have You Ever Seen Anything So Insane?


Look what we’re doing to the ordinary people of the world.   They believe.  They do.  We are murdering them.  Read Sundtra Gupta’s site collateralglobal. com if you don’t believe me.  All the real sordid figures and facts can be found there.

But meantime here’s an indication. This is the sort of thing that’s happening all across the world because of the utter comedic insanity of scenes like the President of the United States of Total Madness stepping down the steps of his massive billion dollar airplane on windy tarmacs – wearing a fucking mask! (excuse my french).

These people are literally making themselves sicker and poorer by the minute as they sit there.

I feel so apologetic. I feel like going there and standing by a tree and saying to them ‘shoot me, fucking kill me, as a lying stupid, sick bastard westerner slave to incompetent, ridiculous, predatory, ruthless, lying politicians and their money worshipping soulless masters.’

I’m sorry.  Go back to your world and life and love and sun and wind and space and hope and happiness and belief.

I am ashamed. Of my whole world.

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