You Can’t Even Buy Horse Wormer In Aus Now.


I went to the vet and asked for Ivermectin.  Bit of a blunder, that, I should have said ‘horse wormer’ but I said ‘ivermectin’.

The receptionist lady (masked) looked it up on the computer I think and said ‘wormer, yes we have wormer’.

Then she wanted to know my name.  I don’t think that’s any of their business is it?  But I told her.  Then she wanted to know what I wanted it for.  Is that any of their business? Or your business? Or anyone’s business?  What horse wormer I buy and when and why?  I don’t think so.

But anything is possible in an insane police state I guess.

Then she asked me what it was for.  I said ‘a horse’.  And she wanted to know what horse.  Christ. So I said ‘for my brother’s horse’.  Lied to her.  Thought fuck ’em,  none of this is any of their business.

So I said for my brother’s horse.

What’s he want it for the horse for? she wanted to know.

To worm it I suppose, I said.

She went off to see the vet I think.  Was gone a very long time.

Came back and said they had none.

Pretty obviously lying wouldn’t you think?

I do. Quite certainly.

Upshot:  you can’t buy horse wormer in Australia or, at the very least, any vet can arbitrarily deny having it after asking your all kinds of impertinent questions.

It seems.

Seen this ? :

the aussie truth

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