Gasmasks and Warfare


During WWII all the UK was frightened of gas attack and every  household had gasmasks.

And every schoolchild knew how to put one on, the same as they knew how to head for the nearest shelter at the air raid sirens.

But when bombs were falling 50 miles away they didn’t head for shelters.

And when there were no reports of gas attacks locally they didn’t put on gask masks, either.

In fact there were no gas attacks upon the UK during WWII and the masks were never necessary.

Ironic to consider they contained asbestos and it is reckoned thousands died because of asbestos contamination during the manufacture in the factories and an unknown number suffered asbestos related illness and even death from contamination by wearing the things.

The parallel with today is very strong.

Only today they make everyone wear the masks even when there are no air raid sirens and there are no reports of gas attack, not locally, not distantly.

Running a war this way would be seen as the ultimate folly and any general would be sacked immediately.  The waste of resources, the sapping of the army’s strength, the spreading of doubt, uncertainty, fear, misplaced effort, blindness to new techniques, new weapons:  any such general would be mocked as a fool at the very least.

This is because our ‘war’ is not being run by soldiers. It is being run by politicians who think they are all things to all men. They think they are soldiers capable of running any campaign, they think the are scientists, capable of comprehending and judging any science debate, they think they are doctors, capable of prescribing for any ills –

they are in fact none of these. They are merely actors. Their profession is acting.  They need a stage, a theatre, a cinema, a Play to perform.

In the absence of one they use the nation as their theatre and they act like the gods they think they are and the Play the ‘perform’ is ‘how I manipulated the world for its own good’.

They are deluded is the kindest thing we can say about them.

And about ourselves for letting them do this.

We need to stand up and take control of our own country.  Get some politicians who can do  the job. Define the job, get some people who can do it.  Not actors. Not megalomaniacs. Not egocentrics.  Not bullies.  Not liars.

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