Any Doubt About 1984 Left At All?

How about this?  An Irish Doctor comes out of retirement to work on the Covid ’emergency’ in Ireland.  She’s pretty shocked and horrified with what she sees concerned the vaccines.

So she speaks out about it and makes  a Youtube video.

And now she gets ‘suspended’.  I suppose that means she can’t work, wouldn’t you? She was telling us in her video that she was working double shifts.  That she was the only available doctor in a large area.

There is no question of her in any way not treating patients properly.

But they cancel her services.  They punish her and the patients she would have served.  Just like that.

For speaking!   And for speaking what?  She simply gave an account of what she saw, experienced.  She did not expound wild conspiracy theories or anything of the kind.

She simply recounted her own experiences and gave an account of how they affected her.

That, now, is apparently not acceptable.  Well don’t pretend surprise. We knew really didn’t we?  It has been going on for a long time.   The government can lie as much as it likes.  We are not allowed to tell the truth.

That’s where we are at.  Can anyone dispute that?

So what’s going on?  Is everyone brain dead? This is 1984 and it is NOT good.  But I think many, many people think it IS good.

Here she is:

http://Dr Anne McCloskey: GP suspended over Covid-19 vaccine comments

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