Youtube: 51% Aussies Jabbed. Response:

Here’s a response I saw in the comments section to a youtube vid about what a wonderful thing it was that 51% of aussies have now been jabbed.

you beaut. that’s 50% of the suckers we’ve got. Only gotta get the other half. with a bit of luck we can turn this half against that half. just keep it secret a little longer how the vaccines are increasingly useless as in Europe and Israel. Like keep it secret how they only ever promised to improve your chances of NOT getting severe adverse covid reaction from 99.866% to 99.966% ( a 0.1% increase), how they never lived up to that. How the reported adverse events are mounting rapidly. How alternative treatment has always been there and therefore they should never have been allowed. How ’emergency state’ declarations were never valid. How effective ivermectin, for instance is. How illegal undemocratic and deliberately hostile it is to ban and hide ivermectin. How anxiety states are the second highest factor in severe adverse experiences of covid and how all the govt. propaganda and policy deliberately tends to increase anxiety. How efficacious something as simple as high vitamin D (more than a vitamin really, much more) can be. How easy it is to increase all immune strengths simply with Cod Liver Oil. How reporting of cases was always terribly inaccurate because of PCR tests set to 40 cycles or more when 28 is more than sufficient and 40 can safely be predicted to give false positives in large amounts. How reporting of infections after a vaccine is deliberately under-reported by accepting only PCR test with 28 or less cycles in distinction to the above. How the VAER (vaccine adverse event reporting) system now contains thousands of time more events than would have been sufficient to take any other vaccine or medication off the market. If we can just keep all that quiet. And get the suckers to get jabbed. Then we’ve got them on the hook. The next variant will cause another ‘outbreak’. We’ve established that actual harm is irrelevant and figures can be manufactured at will. We’ve established that the population must do as we say. So they’ll all have to take another jab for that ‘outbreak’. And then for the next. And the next. This means forever, of course. And we make it ubiquitous that you can go nowhere and do nothing without a vaccine passport – while glibly saying we the govt have never said you must have. And then we’ve got ’em. We can continually jab ’em with whatever we like, tested or not. Any deaths, adverse reactions etc. we can blame on ‘the disease’ We can set them at each other – telling the sheep to attack the goats , so to speak. Endless source of money pouring in from them for their vaccinations, their masks, deep cleaning…. whatever… And we stand there all time insisting that if it weren’t for us they’d all be dead from this horrible thing.. If we an just stand fast, guys, don’t waver now.. we’re on the brink of total success. Total! Mate, this is ‘world domination’ in a guise no one (but our own brilliant selves) would have thought of.. Go for it, men!!

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