How To Beat Covid

It doesn’t really need much beating does it?  By all accounts. Now the figures are in.

But yes, the elderly, the frail, those with co-morbidities.

Absolutely no harm in having some protection.  And maybe those reluctant to take a not wholly properly tested vaccine.

And it’s no secret yet no one seems to be publishing it so here we are:

From Dr Kory’s ‘FLCCC Alliance’  website at

They call this their ‘I-MASK+’ protocol and it is for ‘prophylaxis and early outpatient treatment.

Ivermectin 0.2mg/kg bodyweight each dose. One dose now, another in 48 hours and then one every two weeks.
Vit D3 1,000 – 3,000 IU per day. usual tabs would be 1,000 IU per tab.
Vit C 1,000mg twice a day. usual tab would be 500mg
quercetin 100 mg/day
melatonin 10mg before bed
aspirin 325mg/day

recommended to use a pulse oximeter to measure oxygen saturation. these fit on your finger and sell between $5 – $40 for apparently the same thing on ebay. usual rip off merchants.

Using this treatment I think they’ve had hundreds of successful ‘saved from death’ cases.  Even thousands perhaps, I’m not sure.  Check it out for yourself.

That’s it folks.  Spread the word.  And put the pressure on….

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