Typical Shameful Misinformation

There’s a government website that obtrudes itself into any visit to a youtube page I make if that page has anything to do with covid.  I think. Something like that.

It pops up altogether too frequently with a broad rectangle across the page advising me to visit a government website for accurate information.

That, mind you, while I’m earnestly trying to find true in depth and verifiable information that the government, the media and the medical establishment don’t/won’t  give me.

So anyway  did that.   What they ask.  Now. A little while ago.

I followed the link and found a bunch of links to more ‘answers’.

I followed the link to the answer to “were covid vaccines developed too quickly to be safe?”

And essentially, of course, it answers that they’re safe.

Now this is prima facie false simply because it is known that some vaccines can have deleterious effects months and even years after being taken.

And that simply means, of course, that only tests lasting months or years can establish that a vaccine is safe.

And the covid vaccines haven’t had that amount of testing.

Even the American FDA admit that much. It currently has the vaccines approved for ’emergency’ use because of the lack of proper rigorous testing.

Hence we’re being misled, fobbed off, guided away from truth and honesty.  We are being treat with contempt.

That’s the bit I never expected.  Incompetence.  Even pure evil by way of obvious self interest.  Callous indifference.  The cruelty of  excessively harsh punishments, say.  All manner of things I kind of was prepared to find within my government.

But to find they just consider me contemptible, not worth sensible and honest adult treatment.  Well.  That somehow changes the whole game.


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