Crazy America. esp re ‘black/white’

Here’s an article from this week’s Takimag about ‘race relations’ in the USA. It points out how insane they are with examples such as George Floyd being deified from a totally false conception of who he was and what happened to him while statues of Lincoln are torn down to appease.

All about black/white. But in fact it is not about black/white. Is it? There’s thousands and thousands of black skinned people in the USA that this all doesn’t apply to.

It is ‘african americans’ and – maybe – ‘anglo saxon americans’ isn’t it? I’m not sure about the ‘anglo-saxon’ but I rather think so. The ‘afa’s’ are not animose against the latino americans or the native americans , for instance, I think? Or the asian americans . Are they?

No matter. The point is the african americans. they are the problem, the trouble.

It seems. And for the press – the presumably white press – to keep referring to them as ‘blacks’ is to rob other races of their own rights, to submerge them in this disgraceful narrative.

And that seems to me to point to the hidden ‘elephant in the room’ here all the time: it’s all the doing of the whites. Though it’s not so hidden. Various times I’ve read various people point it out. For a long time. Most recently at the time of the Portland riots.

Whites at all levels. Down on the streets there rioting, in the universities corrupting, distorting and crippling education with false biases, in the courts and city councils. Everywhere.

We should be very much more aware of this I think.

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