Any Sensible Truth Anywhere, I Wonder?

This is a good man to follow…. throws up a lot of sensible information. I’ve seen these vaccine data before. Somewhat incredible I thought.

Read somewhere that in fact the incidence of severe illness is so low with covid that it could (considering practicalities of collecting a sample group + a placebo group) be theoretically impossible to test a vaccine for efficacy on severe illness – whatever results you get always inevitably falling within the margin of error.

But on this ‘scientific’ evidence they are going to spend billions in Australia alone (I’m guessing it would get up to billions wouldn’t it? Exorbitant cost you can bet, just for the (incompletely, improperly tested according to tradition) vaccine plus immense cost of incredible refrigeration, plus transport, plus injection plus administration overheads – plus repeat it all in a couple of weeks! That’s not going to be peanuts. On top of the incredible costs already incurred.

But that’s not all. ‘Measures’ must be maintained during this period. They say. So the madness can continue.


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