This Staggering Insanity

This staggering insanity.

Note amongst the reams of paper and thousands of words outlining all the things that we are ridiculously not allowed to do (manifesting total abrogation of human rights, right there) there’s never any encouragement for us to get back to the government with our thoughts, opinions, ideas.

We are not expected to interact with our government. We are not required to interact with our government.

We are required, tacitly, to not interact but to be merely quiescent and humbly obedient.

Fortunately for them to date that’s exactly what we’ve been. distressingly so. We have failed from the beginning to inform our supposed representatives of what we want.

And now we are at this stage. This ludicrous stage of a whole nation falling on its sword, committing suicide, in panic, fleeing from a phantom.

Covid is no worse than a seasonal flu.

It is best dealt with by taking especial care of the susceptible and letting it run through the young and healthy population.

And encouraging the population to get out into the open air and the sun where the UV rays can kill the virus and the sun can create Vitamin D in our bodies to promote the immune system.

Like all corona virus it thrives best in the cold and dark and wet and thus re-occurs every winter.

The Australian summer is the time to kill it. By enjoying freedom, health, light, exercise, camaraderie…all the opposites to what these criminally murderous overlords are demanding.

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