America Is Dead.

America as a nation run by its people for its people is dead and gone.

We have now an America run by a loose ‘cabal’ of vested interests paramount amongst which are, as we have seen and do see, to our cost: The Big Pharms and the Military Industrial complex.

And they are without conscience or remorse, any shred of concern for humanity.  They care only for immediate dollar profit.

They have had a wonderful time for the last two years with Covid and now they are having a wonderful time with this ‘war’ in Ukraine.

Enough to make us all hate the USA with a total virulent and venomous hatred,  the evil they do, are doing.

But it is not the USA.  350 million people.  And it is not Biden,  stupid puppet.

It is the ‘cabal’.  It is the power these lobbyists have to direct American policy, domestic and foreign.

America is no longer a State with a presence on the world stage.  An entity we could perhaps believe in, interact with.

It is now simply a pack of hyenas ripping and tearing at the corpse of humanity wherever, whenever it can.   One goal in mind and only one:  maximise profit today.

You can’t talk to them.  They’ll look up from their feast wide eyed in surprise, bloody mouthed, wondering what you’re on about – there’s nothing to say, surely ?  They’re eating… isn’t that what life is about?  They’re tearing at the flesh and ripping off great chunks… what could be better?

That’s America today.  A coup d’etat.  This corporate ‘cabal’ of vested interests runs America with that one simple aim: maximise profit.

And right now and for the last two years they’ve been having a ball.

And they’ll continue to have it until the American people wake up and insist upon governance and put these mad dogs down.

And the rest of the world?  Well it’s clear as day isn’t it?  We see the ‘leaders’ hungry to join that pack and those that won’t.  See them clearly.

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