Now Finally Comprehensive Facts

The Spectator has Luke Massey doing a sterling job of collecting, collating and presenting the facts in amongst this welter of bullshit.

Here they are.  Read them and weep. Weep no at the savage virulence of covid for it isn’t there.  Weep for the savage virulence of our politicians etc, who’re driving this current emergency we are all suffering from:

Just the facts: Coronavirus in Australia by the numbers

I Find This Hard To Believe


In fact I find it almost impossible to believe.  They are going to vaccinate children without their parent’s consent when the children don’t need anything and with a vaccination that is unproven and has a steadily mounting toll of adverse reactions?

If the parent’s consent is not required what about the child? Is the child’s consent required?  If it isn’t then what are they saying – all children are the property of the State?  Or are they saying that 9 and 12 year old children have reached the age of majority for legal decision making?

Or are they simply manifesting a truth: we now live in authoritarian dictatorships and democracy is dead?

Official Lies.

There’s a good source of true info here.  ‘’

Have a look at it.  They’ve been deplatformed on twitter and youtube I think. For daring to show people the govt. propaganda and point out where it is wrong, contradictory or pure bullshit or whatever.

So we have to take the trouble to go to them.

Here they are:

Get Our Freedom Back?


What’s all this about ‘get our freedom back’?

We’re told, aren’t we, over and over again, that we can ‘get our freedom back’ if we do this or that –  mainly meaning cower in lockdown,  struggle to breathe through masks, shun our fellows,  avoid friends and family,  ignore any all proferred medications.

And take vaccines.  On faith.

Then we ‘get our freedom back.’   That’s right? That’s the narrative?

It means,  the translation of it, the message implicit in it is that we ‘get our freedom back’ if we ‘beat’ or ‘avoid’ covid via these things.

But listen:  covid didn’t take our freedom.

We’ve had respiratory illnesses for millenia, we’ve had them recently, and worse than this one by far,  without losing any freedom.

We’ve had all out bloody wars without losing any freedom.

We’ve had plagues and pestilences, fire and flood, famine, without losing our freedom.

Let’s be clear in these machiavellian dystopian orwellian times: none of these things took our freedom away.

Our freedom has been taken by governments.

And our stupidity in letting them do it.

And the only time we will ever ‘get our freedom back’ is when we take it back from them.

In fact freedom can never be taken.  It can only be surrendered.  It drives the despot and the tyrant mad trying to destroy and take freedom.  It’s axiomatic that  lose everything and you’ve still got the freedom to think.

That’s the last freedom.  Imprisoned in a small cell, subjected to all the horrors and brutalities that humans have inflicted upon each other since the dawn of time, shackled, straight jacketed, we still retain the freedom to think as we wish.

And no tyrant has ever not know that and feared it.  No matter what brutalities and torments he can never be sure that he’s not surrounded by lying toadies professing love and support whilst  harbouring thoughts of killing him.

After all he knows quite well he would if the positions were reversed.

And that’s the root of our proud boast – when it was our proud boast, before we gave it away – that ‘I might disagree with what you say but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.’

Because we know we can’t stifle the mind and better therefore that we let people speak their minds.

So in the end no one can take away your ultimate freedom and hence they really can’t take any at all.

You can only accede to their wishes and that’s of your own choice, your  own volition, an expression really of your freedom.

So here, too, we gave our freedom.

We surrendered it.  Not to an illness.  Not to a virus or a bacteria.  Not to any of the natural forces that we’ve lived with since our first inception.

No.  We surrendered our freedom to a group of people.

On a false premise.  On a mistaken understanding.  Two of them:

One: that they were working sensibly and honestly on our behalf and

Two: that there was a real totally extraordinary threat out there.

Both  completely wrong.

Insanely logic twistingly wrong.

So now we find ourselves being told we can only have our freedom back if we continue to give our freedom to these people who took it under false pretences in the first place.

They should say, had they any honesty, were they fit for the positions they’ve been elevated to:

You always have your freedom  and we do what we do only by permission from you.  Withdraw that permission whenever you wish.

The should not be implying that covid took our freedom.

Or that ‘defeating’ covid will give it back.

They should be admitting they work for us. At our direction.

They should be telling us ‘You are a free people’ and they should be proud to tell us that.

See how badly wrong it has all got?

No proud Roman or Greek soldier standing at the head of his armies exhorting them onto greater efforts in the name of their innate qualities…

But a slave master standing above the huddled masses telling them when they’ll be allowed to take their eyes off the ground.

Chuck A Few More Kids On The Fire

The mask thing is a fashion.  Nothing more.  Mountains of evidence show they do nothing to alter the course of the disease. In Australia millions of people are wearing them where everyone knows there is no covid at all.

But if there were they’d do little or no good.  Especially with the delta variant.

But the politicians like them and the people think it can’t hurt and anything for a quiet life.

And this is what that ‘quiet life’ means to the kids: